Remoting is a speculative housing model for a future of rural communal living. The project was conceived during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

" In a fallow field in upstate New York sits a modern building. Its inhabitants are co-owners. They left the City of New York because most are able to work remotely from home. Children are able to learn from home and if a parent needs to leave for work, their children can be supervised by the other adults.

Some left the city because of economic pressures, some climate change, and others concerns over police brutality. They mix and work together on the lower level and have private family-specific spaces on the upper level. This “Co-existing” arrangement allows them to feel a sense of cosmopolitanism and activity even in a remote setting.

Less a small village than a relocated fragment of the city, this building exists between binary notions of urbanity and ruralism. It stands as a model for how creatives and other groups can get out of a problematic unaffordable model of city life that commodifies their cultural cache. Through community and remote work, anywhere can be a home or an office or both."